Covid19 - All Necessary Sanitary actions have been taken to continue our operations

We are closed for business - 30th March 2020. Following the President’s announcement, we are closed today. We are working on a special derogation to restart production in the coming days.

This is to inform you that we are aware of the great impact the corona virus outbreak is causing to industry, particularly in manufacturing across the world.

Please be assured that, as a proactive company, we have already taken the necessary actions more than two (2) months ago in order to contain the situation and to enable us to continue our operations without any interruptions.

We understand the importance of our operations to the business of our customers and we will continue to produce electrical cables to meet our existing contracts and new orders. We have in stock enough inputs to meet your expectations.

We are by this letter assuring you of our commitment and support during these difficult times.

Also, in order to protect the lives of our employees and customers, Nexans is implementing a stringent COVID-19 action plan which conforms to World Health Organization (WHO) protocols.

This action plan includes the following:

 1. Checking of body temperature at our main entrance, washing of hands before registration and sanitizing hands before having access to any part of our facility. This is same to all employees, customers and other visitors.

 2. Self-search for staff, customers and visitors.

 3. Avoidance of hands - shakings both inside and outside the plant.

 4. Provision of hand sanitizers inside the plant and to all our field personnel.

 5. Observing social distancing measures to prevent person to person transmission.

 6. Incorporation of COVID-19 orientation in our daily safety briefing and in our visitor induction programs.
We assure you of your safety anytime you visit our operations and we are doing all we can to guarantee same to our customers.

You can count on us.