Nexans brings energy to life through an extensive range of cables and cabling solutions that increase performance for our customers worldwide.

With an industrial presence in forty (40) countries, Nexans’ teams are committed to a partnership approach that supports customers in four main business areas: Power Transmission and Distribution (Sub-Marine and Land), Energy Resources (Oil and Gas, Mining and Renewable), Transportation (Road, Rail, Air, and Sea) and Building (Commercial, Residential, and Data Centers).

In Ghana, Nexans is represented by its subsidiary, Nexans Kabelmetal Ghana Limited (NKG).  NKG incorporated in 1968 and was the first cable manufacturer in West Africa. Located in Tema, NKG operates its facilities under ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001, ensuring high standards.



Bringing Energy to Life

Every day our energy and data cables make it possible for millions of people to take action, make things, get around, stay informed, communicate, have fun, and stay healthy.  

Our mission: to design, produce, and market cables and cabling systems that transmit the electricity and data we need in our daily lives and societies safely, reliably, efficiently, and sustainably. On the leading edge of our industry for over a century, we provide solutions for the most complex applications in the most demanding environments. A world leader in the cable industry, we contribute to development and quality of life.



Competitiveness: We are improving our costs, efficiency, and productivity to reach the highest levels of quality in each market.

Leadership: We are innovating and developing services to better meet the needs of our customers and thereby strengthening our leadership in our key markets.

Selectivity: We are giving priority to activities that make the most of our technology and services so we can create shared value.


Team, Operational Excellence


We have put in place a global continuous improvement initiative with the goals of increasing our competitive edge, helping customers to become more competitive, and enhancing our performance. It is the talent and dedication of Nexans’ people that make us stand out from the competition. We give our employees the resources they need to build their careers and we reward their achievements.


Nexans Excellence Way draws on commitment from employees, best practice sharing, standardization, and lean leadership to manage resources efficiently, ensure high performance standards, and maximize customer satisfaction. All of our sites now participate in the Nexans Excellence Way program, which has been extended to supply chains. Nexans Excellence Way is becoming our shared work methodology, which will be deployed across all processes in 2016, at both the operational and corporate levels as well as for the development of new products. Competitiveness is being improved as part of a worldwide plan that involves redesigning products, streamlining our offering, and aligning production processes with best practices.


SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT Our recruitment and career development policies are shaped by managerial and business-based competency models. Discussions between each employee and his or her manager serve as the basis for personal development and training plans. Nexans University, which is an integral part of the Group and is open to all employees, promotes shared values, the exchange and development of skills and collaboration. Project and change management are at the heart of new training programs.


MOTIVATION AND COMMITMENT We use a wide range of individual and collective incentive systems, including in-house challenges, short -, medium-, and long- term profit-sharing and employee share ownership programs to encourage our employees to reach high performance levels, unleash their creativity, and directly involve them in achieving our targets.


Markets & Products



Population growth, the rising standard of living, urbanization, industrialization in emerging markets, increased mobility, global trade, and the digital revolution are all generating huge need for power infrastructure, energy, and buildings. These factors are driving demand for cables. Meeting these growing needs with minimal impact on the environment and climate change is a challenge we share with our suppliers and customers.



Nexans ensures much of the world’s reliable and efficient power generation, transmission, and distribution networks through the following range of cables and transformers:

  • XLPE medium-voltage cables for energy transmission (up to 60kV)
  • XLPE high-voltage cables for aerial, underground, and undersea energy transmission
  • Overhead lines (aluminum or aluminum alloys) for HV energy transmission
  • High-voltage DC cables (mass-impregnated) to deliver high power capacity over long distance
  • Aerial bundled conductors (ABCs) for network and residential connections
  • Low-voltage underground cables and LV accessories for plant application
  • Medium and high-voltage accessories for distribution and transmission equipment
  • Power and distribution transformers (up to 40MW)



MINING:  Mining cables can be divided into three (3) main categories:

  1. Dynamic excavation mining & tunneling cables. These mobile cables (reeling and trailing cables) offer higher standards in terms of mechanical resistance and flexibility than the usual fixed installation cables. For this reason they are designed and tested according to stringent standards.
  2. Static or semi-static excavation mining & tunneling cables. These cables are mechanically less complex than the dynamic cables, (typically including shaft or gallery cables for underground mines or conveyor belt cables) and offer a simpler design and construction.
  3. Infrastructure cables for downstream processing plants. These cabling solutions are equipped for crushing, washing, or mineral processing plants and the electrical and mechanical requirements are usually simpler and correspond to general industrial standards.


OIL & GAS: Nexans is present at all levels of Oil & Gas production, providing a wide range of energy and telecom cables for onshore and offshore exploration, production and distribution, as well as for refinery and petrochemical infrastructure.  We specialize in:

  • Cables for all applications, from exploration and production to transport and refining
  • Full range of LV/MV/HV power cables for wells, treatment plants, platforms and refineries
  • Advanced fiber / copper WANs and LANs for land installations
  • High performance in tough conditions, including heat, mud, and oil
  • Fire-reaction and resistance to safeguard people and equipment



Due to the rate of construction, a number of trends are emerging among our cable customers, often expressed in new expectations and demands.  As a builder, promoter, designer, installer, or systems integrator of residential, public, and office buildings or industrial plants, our customers want to see safety (fire performance), sustainability (energy-efficiency, health, and comfort), fast installation (pre-assembled systems), more bandwidth (application driven), and integrated solutions (technology and systems).


To answer these challenges, Nexans provides a complete range of cables and accessories for all your building infrastructure needs.

  • Standard cables up to 1kV for lighting and air conditioning in residential and public buildings with special sheathing designed to survive harsh conditions.
  • Low voltage fire-reaction (halogen-free, preventing fire propagation and reducing the emission of smoke) and fire-resistant (allows fire alarms, smoke evacuation, lighting, and sprinklers to continue operating under fire) cables.
  • Solar panel cables to provide durable links between solar panels and inverters.
  • Elevator cables are delivered in easy-to-install kits appreciated by OEM and repair companies.
  • Medium voltage cables for large collective buildings and high energy needs also come in HFFR versions for fire protection and resist high temperatures.



High voltage accessories from Nexans have acquired a leading position in the world market for the Low, Medium and High voltage categories. Nexans offers a complete range of high voltage cable accessories suitable for underground or transmission line cables with either paper or polymeric insulation for AC or DC applications. A complete range of terminations, joints, and the related accessories for XLPE and all types of paper insulated cables are also available.



For a prompt quotation please specify the following information:

  • Is it a firm or a budgetary inquiry?
  • What are the most important criteria to win this order?
  • Please specify the standard (i.e.: International or Special Standard) or the application.
  • Rated voltage and number of conductors
  • Type of conductor (i.e.: aluminum or copper)
  • What are the conductor sizes?
  • Type of insulation (i.e.: XLPE or other)
  • Number and identification of conductors
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